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Looking for an Osteopathic Treatment Specialist?

You’ve come to the right place! Our experienced osteopathic manual practitioners are here to provide you with comprehensive and personalized care. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or looking for preventative treatments, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.


We're here to help

Keystone Osteopathy is a holistic healthcare clinic specializing in osteopathic manual therapy. Our practitioners are exceptional, well trained and hard working, and we deliver safe, individualized and precise care for our patients.

You can book an appointment at either of the two locations above, just send us your name and a brief description of the treatment you're looking for. We'll be in touch.

Osteopathy Techniques

It is a technique that gently moves joints to restore mobility and reduce pain. This method stimulates the tissues around the joint, relieves tension, and promotes natural joint movement.
Muscle Energy Technique
It is a technique where the patient contracts muscles against resistance to improve muscle and joint function. This method is used to relieve muscle tension and restore joint mobility.
Massage Therapy
Soft Tissue Technique
Soft Tissue Technique is a method that directly manipulates muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues to relieve tension, improve circulation, and enhance tissue function.
Cranio Sacral Osteopathy
Cranio Sacral Osteopathy gently adjusts skull and sacral movements, improving nervous system function, relieving pain, and promoting natural healing.

What is Osteopathy?

Founded 150 years ago by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Osteopathy teaches that the body is a self-healing unit with a close correlation between structure and function. Osteopathic techniques help the body recover naturally and are proven effective for chronic back pain. Daily physical stressors can cause the body to lose its natural alignment. An osteopath, with extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, works to restore the body's natural positioning. Osteopathy believes a bodily component is always involved in disease and aims to adjust it to restore health. It offers techniques for various body parts, benefiting patients, athletes, and seniors by enhancing performance, preventing injuries, and resolving chronic pain. Remember! The solution is within you, and osteopathy helps reveal it.

I prioritize you

At Keystone Osteopathy, I Promise.

About me

Kitae obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Korea in 2014. In July 2018, he moved to Vancouver. Ever since, he completed his Diploma in Osteopathy from the National Academy of Osteopathy as well as his Acupuncture degree at Central College in New Westminster. During training in Osteopathy, Kitae has had the privilege of receiving additional training by Mehrbod who is the founder of Best Osteopathy and he decided to join the team.

Kitae has developed his skills in structure concept of osteopathy along with human anatomy basis through this training.

As a Physiotherapist in South Korea, he worked at the neuro-rehabilitation hospital, Bobath Memorial Hospital. He treated patients who suffered from Brain injuries such as Stroke, Parkinson, Dementia as well as Spinal Cord Injury. He earned his certification of Bobath Basic Course by IBITA (Korean Bobath Association) and treated various neurologic conditions for many years.

He is passionate and uses hands on treatment that have an affect on the recovery of the body cycle and boost the homeostasis of the human body in perspective of Osteopathy. Kitae strongly believes that human body structure governs functional movement. He is bringing his knowledge and experience to the table with an osteopathic approach to serve the patients in a better way.

kitae Kim


"To Provide the utmost quality of patient experience and care, by utilizing leading edge innovations and technology."


Service Price

Osteopathic practitioners use diverse tools to adjust the body, including gentle stretches and safe approaches for muscles, ligaments, and bones. These methods may differ from areas of pain, surprising patients. Patients' limbs are used to restore mobility and reduce tension, promoting better tissue health.


15min / FREE


This is a complementary session to ask your questions and talk over how Osteopathy can help you.




75 min




40 min





90 min




60 min




45 min



Lougheed, Burnaby

#275, 9600 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC V3J 7N3, Canada



09:00 am – 7:00 pm

 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm


What can I expect in my appointment?

Treatment always involves a thorough structural examination in order to determine how manual work can best help the patient.  Patients are always given time to highlight and describe their physical concerns.  Osteopathic care is customized for each patient in a manner that provides them with the greatest possible benefits.  Patient comfort and quality of care are the top priorities of an osteopathic practitioner.

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